Album: The Doctrine of Hate (2016)

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Song: The Silence Is Broken

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Estrogenocide is a metal band from Philadelphia. Their sound over the years has been a mix of Noise, Death/Grind Metal, Half Thrash, and even at times --Punk, Blues, Spoken Word.
Formed in the year 2003 as Noise band The Slophole Surfers by their notorious frontman Hymen Pop. Snatch Smacker joined on drums. Together they sounded like a new kind of disturbing noise. The name of this horrid collaboration soon changed to Estrogenocide, not knowing there was another band out there with the same name. But it didn't matter. Hymen Pop wanted this to be for real. No joke. Their central lyrical themes include Anti-Female, Misogyny, Male Supremacy, Necropedophilia, Rape, Random Obscenities, etc. You get the idea.

The band's original goal was to be as offensive as possible. After their debut "Anyone Who Talks to Women Without the Sole Intention of Sex is Gay... and That Means You!". The next album was going to focus on sexual frustration, and its consequences, this would be called Hitting It Raw Is The Law released in 2005. After the release, the band quickly got Clit Digester on guitar and the band sounded even more menacing. Songs were pumping out fast for a new album, and so quickly they made the Bathroom Slut EP by means of teasing fans until the full-length Feminist Annihilation was released in 2006.
Estrogenocide had almost gotten a show after the release of Feminist Annihilation, but unfortunately the band parted ways fast. Hymen and Snatch reunited briefly in 2008 and recorded the Bald Poon demo. To this day, the tape is still in the Estro archive.
A "greatest hits" compilation was put together and released in 2010 entitled The Art of Chauvinism. Copies were actually circulating around for about a week until the band fell off the radar again immediately.
In the summer of 2016, after hiding out from the world for years, Hymen Pop reunited with Snatch Smacker and Clit Digester, this time with a bass player, the pope of bukkake himself, Mr. Cum D. Spencer

A new recording was completed in August 2016. The new album The Doctrine of Hate was officially released December 16, 2016

This band is not to be confused with Electronic Grindcore band Estrogenocide.

Hymen Pop - Lead Vocals (2003-Present)
Snatch Smacker - Drums, Backup Vocals (2003-Present)
Clit Digester - Guitars (2005-2006, 2016- )
Uterus Grinder - Guitars (2006)
Mr. Cum D, Spencer - Bass (2016- )